Mengnan Qu

I am a python development engineer and also a researcher of Computer Graphics and Mechine Learning. Earlier, I obtained my bachelor degree from the Department of Information Science and Engineering at Hebei University of Science & Technology, advised by Guanghua Zhang at HEBUST. I am interested in Computer Graphics, Image Processing, and Machine Learning. So, in the future I want to make more interesting projects and studies.


My research is Computer Graphics and Mechine Learning. During my undergraduate studies, I published the first paper in my life on the colorization of images. In this article, I used an enhanced U-net network structure to enhance Cycle-GAN, and used it to perform image colorization tasks, and achieved good results. I am trying to gather some like-minded friends around me to start new research work together.

Other Work

As a Python development engineer, of course, my daily life is constantly typing code, so I have done many projects, but most of them are for commercial use. The projects I contact are basically back-end, responsible for the development of service interfaces. When I was in the company, I also tried to use Python for back-end development of games. I often like to research things in my daily life, so I have written a lot of scripts and done a lot of projects.


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